4 Key Things to Know to Create Outstanding Webinar Series

Today, organisations use webinars frequently to deliver their messages to a large audience. However, not all webinars are created equal. Find out how you can create an outstanding webinar learning experience.

Due to the recent pandemic, the world has had to adjust to a remote, online environment replacing the traditional face-to-face way of life. This includes online meetings, webinars, emails, training sessions, and many more. Not too long after, people have been forced to adapt quickly to this changing lifestyle, with 67% of workers admitting that their burnout has worsened due to the online nature of work (source). Thus, it is all the more critical for companies to ensure that their events or webinars are run professionally and entertainingly, as employees may not possess the same attention span as during the pre-pandemic times. 

In this article, Cahoot Learning will be analysing the four key things to know to create outstanding webinar series. 

Landing page

Not all learners start very excitedly or are keen on signing up for a specific webinar, which is why companies need to ensure that once learners are able to click on the registration link, the process is as seamless as possible so they won’t change their minds and exit the page. Important web page factors to consider are content loading speed, page interactivity, and visual stability. After all, first impressions always count. 

Keep in mind that it is essential to put the users’ needs first when building landing pages. Try to imagine and visualise users navigating through the pages by thinking about the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). Colours and navigational features are essential things to be considered as well.

Be in the Know

It is crucial to be aware of important statistics or data of registrants and attendants, which would prove vital in retargeting and following up on individuals interested in signing up but haven’t done so yet. If the training is mandatory, ensure that a proper system is in place to verify that all the employees have signed up and registered for the training. 

Not only that, but if the webinar is open to the public, your company would then have valuable demographic information of the registrants, which would give insight into the appropriate target market, ideal customer, and many more.

Preparation is King

Find a topic of interest that would benefit the learners and ensure that the content tells an exciting story. Storytelling is an integral part of a successful webinar series, as it creates high levels of interest and engagement and induces learners to stay curious about the materials or lessons. Not only that, but a strong story helps create a unique learning experience for learners, which would feed their curiosity and motivation to learn. Once a strong storyline has been set in place, take advantage of other industry experts and connections to level up the learning experience. It would be more interesting to hear from multiple perspectives rather than just one. 

As technology is the primary driver of webinar distribution, ensure that all systems have been double-checked and the internet connection is strong enough for the whole session. During the session, having moderators to assist the main speaker can help ease the entire process so that any transition or issues can be solved seamlessly. Lastly, at the end of each learning session, allocate time for questions and answers (Q&A) to clarify any confusions that learners may experience.

Gain Trackable, Accurate Insights

Gathering both quantitative and qualitative feedback from webinar sessions is impactful in improving future sessions. Feedback allows speakers and the management to be aware of blind spots and make necessary improvements or corrections moving forward. For this to happen, the data needs to be trackable and accurate. Several parameters to observe are clickthrough rate, engagement rate, completion rate, and many more.

Final Words

Designing and holding outstanding webinar series can pose a challenge for inexperienced individuals and companies. This is where Cahoot Learning steps in and assists with all end-to-end processes, from registrations, event communications, presenter training, event hosting, reporting, recordings, to certificates. 

Cahoot Learning is so much more than just a webinar hosting provider. We strive to create active learning experiences via webinars or online programs, making us distinctly different from other webinar platforms or webinar software.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can work together and create extraordinary learning experiences! 

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