Learn, Unlearn, Re-learn: What It Means and How to Do It Effectively

The all-time superpower skill for the new world is the ability to learn, unlearn and relearn. Find out what that means and how to do it most effectively.

Learning is a simple word that is most frequently used as the act of gaining new or deeper knowledge of certain topics. Though it may seem self-explanatory, learning is actually an acquired skill that will prove to be valuable for the rest of one’s life. As the world transitions at a greater speed every year due to technological advancements, there are countless skills and knowledge that have become obsolete, which renders professionals jobless or having to jump ship to other career pathways.

This is precisely why learning, unlearning, and relearning are irreplaceable aspects of upskilling and staying relevant to the current job market. However, despite its obvious importance, the skill of learning requires setting mindsets that are hard to acquire and master, as shown by the fact that 43% of companies are currently experiencing skill gaps (source). 

In this article, Cahoot Learning dissects the six important points to take into account when it comes to learning, unlearning, and relearning. 

Personal Motivations

Growth Mindset

Employees or learners need to understand that growth is part of life, and this includes their professional lives as well. There is no such thing as complacency or being stagnant, as the days of stable lifetime employment are of the past. By noticing, acknowledging, and accepting that growth is a mandatory part of survival, learners will seek to grow and expand their capabilities. 

A straightforward way to practice the growth mindset is to look at challenges as opportunities. For instance, if a learner is lacking in the field of public speaking, then instead of just declaring and accepting it, they can decide to improve on that specific skill.

Stay Curious

Train your curiosity muscle by facing your fears and embracing any challenges or difficult situations that may come your way as a result of your curiosity. Secondly, understand that curiosity opens the door to new, exciting experiences that could enrich your life.

Belong to a Community of Learners

There is no greater source of energy than other learners learning, failing, trying, succeeding alongside each other. When times get tough and giving up is highly probable, other learners’ spirits can lift up the mood and keep you going. When learners cross-share their experiences, it also opens up new perspectives and pathways.

Organisational Push

Cultivate a Culture of Intentional Learning

Although intrinsic motivation is powerful, there are things that organisations can do to ignite the learning spirit of the whole company. To kick things off, understand that intentional learning gives a much-needed direction to learners’ curiosity, energy, and passion. Without intention, learners would not be able to know where to focus their learning towards. 

This is precisely why companies should start with identifying the company strategy vs analysing its existing skills gaps to find opportunities to direct learners towards the specific set of goals.

Influence Employees to Learn through Action

From a higher-up standpoint, the ability to influence employees of all levels can be challenging. Most of the time, simply saying encouraging words or implementing learning policies are not enough. Employees appreciate seeing role models in their superiors. Simply put, to inspire or ignite the passion for learning, the most straightforward way is to be an inspiration. Show that all members of the company, from the lower to higher management levels, are constantly learning and moving forward. This way, employees who decide to stay stagnant are left out and will be forced to learn.  

Provide Great Learning Experiences

Once employees are excited to learn, providing active learning experiences would keep them interested, curious, and more motivated to excel and absorb the new information. This is where Cahoot Learning steps in and aids your business to empower employees in their learning journey. We create a unique learning experience for every stakeholder involved in the process. As a platform that is much more than just a learning management system, we help companies craft online courses that will inspire employees to learn, unlearn and relearn, while absorbing practical knowledge. 

Get in touch with Cahoot Learning to find out how we can create amazing learning experiences together.

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