Microlearning is the future

Anthony Morris, co-founder of Cahoot Learning, shares his thoughts on why microlearning is the new future.

Microlearning becoming more micro than many realise, and it needs to.

Recently with significant workloads in designing and building new courses for the Cahoot Learning team, I’ve had the pleasure of picking up the learning design tools again. Having not been in the design seat for a while, it has truly highlighted where learning needs have shifted throughout the pandemic, especially in workforce learning.

Courses that were delivered as 6 to 8 weeks are now broken down even further and delivered in short bursts of 7 to 10 days. But even more importantly, the learning within that 7 to 10 days needs to be in small micro-bites. If a learner sees a video coming up that is 20 minutes long, it gets pushed to the, I’ll do that later basket. Similarly, Active Learning is a must-have, not a nice to have, but this also needs to be in short bursts and finally, and probably the most important, are the live or synchronous elements. The learning design community is guilty of imposing tedious, long-winded virtual events/webinars/workshops on learners. Hours of them and it is quite frankly lazy design. Most of the time they are framed as collaborative or community building. They can be in small doses, but not hours and hours. Community is, however, vital and it works best in short, asynchronous moments, and lots of them. This way learning becomes intertwined with work and life in general.

Micro is becoming even shorter and it can be a great experience that delivers brilliant outcomes. It allows learning to be part of our daily lives, not just the thing you are asked to do a few times a year. Don’t take my word for it, check out this great read from Inside Higher Ed.

Anthony Morris, Co-Founder of Cahoot Learning

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