The Cahoot team passionately believes that professionals best learn from experience, application and, importantly, each other.

Much of the digital revolution in learning has been about scale and access. Whilst these are wonderful advances, we see relationship as a crucial missing element in the educational mix.

Learning is optimised when we can challenge and be challenged, collaborate and problem solve, ideate and apply new concepts together in small, diverse, multidisciplinary and cross functional teams.

In Cahoot, community and relationship is built into the learning design of each course. When combined with the underlying functionality of the technology, developed by the Cahoot team, we see remarkable levels of engagement and real shifts in behaviour.

We call this Relationship Based Digital Learning.

Digital learning

What does this mean for you?

Navigating digital education options can be complex and costly for your organisation. The Cahoot team works closely with our clients to help develop and execute their digital education strategy.

This is done in a way that best leverages their brand and expertise, together with our knowhow, experience and technology. The result is impactful learning experiences that can be delivered at scale and that drives new revenue lines for their organisation.

Values that are lived

  • We have an unwavering belief in what we do and its importance for the greater good.
  • We are innovative, resourceful, tenacious and resilient.
  • We embrace challenge and change.
  • We get stuff done.
  • We are unashamedly quirky and light-hearted.
  • We strive to continuously surprise and delight.
  • We give a hoot about each other and the well-being of our planet.
  • We lead with courage, conviction and empathy.

What clients have to say about Cahoot

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