Engaging with and contributing to the broader global professional education community is an important aspect of Cahoot Learning.

Understanding and preparing for the rapid changes to work and education is challenging for individuals, organisations and communities alike. There is no immunity to change anywhere in the world, for any of us.

How we learn and work together though can and does make a difference.

Founders Anthony Morris and Errol la Grange, together with the team at Cahoot Learning, continue to play an active role in the International Association for Continuing Engineering Education, IACEE.

The IACEE is a non-profit, non-government volunteer organisation committed to supporting and enhancing lifelong engineering education and training throughout the world.

As a Vice President of the IACEE, Errol’s role includes leading the organisation’s global sustainability initiative, SERINA, which stands for Sustainable Education and Research in Action. This initiative aligns with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


IACEE logo The International Association for Continuing Engineering Education is about supporting and enhancing lifelong engineering education around the globe.

At it’s world conference in Portugal in 2016, IACEE outlined its commitment to developing global initiatives to address the 21st century challenges that threaten the very survival of humanity.

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SERINA logo SERINA (Sustainability Education & Research IN Action) is an online portal dedicated to highlighting education, research active practices in sustainability that improves the lives of individuals and communities in real and impactful ways.

SERINA is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. All SERINA initiatives are categorized using the United Nations SDG designations.

Please visit, like and participate in the SERINA Facebook community.

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