A new way of working is proving that being a confident and clear communicator is a core competency for modern leadership, because it allows us to establish and accelerate trust with our audience remotely, exercise authority and help others respond to change effectively.

We’re increasingly seen by leadership in ‘micro-windows’ – and it’s in these moments, that we need to be more intentional about what we say and how we say it.

Understand what it takes to communicate with impact, become a confident speaker and clearly articulate the value that you bring to your team, organisation and the marketplace … this course will accelerate the impact you have in your business, industry and marketplace.

Learning Objectives

  • Realise and articulate the value you bring to an organisation
  • Understand how to write and deliver a compelling presentation with impact
  • Confidently deliver a personal profile pitch
  • Explore best practice in virtual communication and leadership
  • Sharpen your online presence
  • Understand the principles of trust in team function
  • Identify and create connections with mentors, sponsors and advisors

“Communication is about impact, not output."
– Tim Ward

The Course Experience

There’s increasing proof that makes a case for communication to be a priority for business, because improved communication yields better organisational outcomes.

Our ability to communicate is the single biggest lever we have to affect change, yet few of us use it to its fullest potential. The Cahoot Academy’s novel approach to learning, combined with its sophisticated and seamless learning experience platform make applying these skills easy, collaborative and fun.

This course is short (7 to 8 hours over 3 weeks), sharp (very focused) and impacting (will change behaviour and grow your capability for the future). Building a community of practice and trust, learners work their fellow learners and expert coaches who will become a tight, trusted community over the 3 weeks… and maybe much longer.

Key themes in the course include

  • Communication skills (virtual, written & spoken)
  • Your online presence
  • Reputation capital
  • Networks
  • Trust

Reporting and ROI

At an organisational level you will receive reporting on your teams’ performance that will make you very excited! You will be able to see engagement levels across your team. You will see the teams capability uplift as a whole and individually. Theirs and your data is water tight and only accessible to those with permissions. Granular level data and analytics can be extracted from the Cahoot platform for your own systems.

The Course Experience

8 hours

The course will take approximately 8 hours to complete over 3 weeks.

multiple devices

You can participate at any time, from any computer or device (phone, tablet).

bite sized

There are 22 short, bite-size videos (approx. 80 minutes) and the remaining 7 hours or so will all be about doing and exploring.

team project

One team project

live discussion

Two live discussions

Expert coaching

Expert coaching and support

Digital credential

Verifiable digital credential via Credly Acclaim

Meet our ‘Communicate with Impact’ expert

Andrea Clarke

Andrea ClarkeAndrea Clarke is a former television news correspondent who has transferred her broadcast skills into the boardroom for any leader looking to communicate with greater impact. As a reporter based in Washington D.C., she covered major news events around the world for Al Jazeera English, the Pentagon Channel and Thomson Reuters before working on humanitarian aid programs to re-build Iraq and Afghanistan. Andrea then led the communication campaign for the Save Darfur advocacy movement to stop the genocide in Sudan.

On returning to Australia, Andrea founded FutureFitCo, with the purpose of training emerging leaders across top ASX listed businesses to connect with their audience and communicate with impact. This was the inspiration for Andrea to write her first book - 'Future Fit: How to Stay Relevant and Competitive in the Future of Work,’ – which won the Australian Business Book of the Year 2019 and was a finalist in the UK Business Book Awards 2020. Andrea continues to media train top CEO’s and deliver keynotes around ‘The Competitive Advantage in the Future of Work’ and the ‘Business of Building Trust’.

“Anytime you speak, you are auditioning for leadership."
– James C. Humes

Course Curriculum

  • Part 1 - You’re on mute: Virtual communication
  • Part 2 - Building trust
  • Part 3 - Get real: Being genuine when it’s hard to believe what’s real?
  • Part 4 - Reputation Capital
  • Part 5 - Applied learning project
  • Part 1 - How to sound credible
  • Part 2 - Non-verbal Communication
  • Part 3 - Delivering a compelling short report
  • Part 4 - Questioning and listening
  • Part 5 - Reflection
  • Part 1 - Collaboration
  • Part 2 - Networking and sponsorship
  • Part 3 - Applied Learning Project
  • Part 4 - Communication with Impact
  • Part 5 - Roadmap for the future

Course Details

Length: 3 weeks
Effort: 2 to 3 hours per week
Partner: FutureFitCo

Prices AUD$ (ex GST/Tax): $480pp
Volume discounts apply

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