Would you say your organisation is resilient?

Are your people resilient?

What is that anyway?

We don’t need reminding about how rapidly things are changing in our work, family life and society as a whole. We are being challenged in our roles as parents, friends, workers, leaders and citizens on every front. Our ability to adapt and become more resilient is at the core of our physical, social and mental health. It is at the core of our ability to be and remain relevant in a Industry 4.0 world of work.

In this regard resilience is not only core to our personal wellbeing, it is core to the wellbeing of our companies and industries.

What will set your organisation apart?

As we move further into the day to day reality of living and working in a 4th industrial age it is up to each of us to navigate change and be able to continuously reinvest into ourselves so we can in-turn be of value to those around us.

How do we support our people in this regard? This course will help your people create stability in how they show up. It will give them a set of insights and tools that will help them make conscious choices, shift mindset and build behaviours that will be just as important to their work and families as technical skills.

Is this course for your organisation?

This course will not ask for significant time from your team. It is short (7 to 8 hours over 3 weeks), sharp (very focussed) and impacting (will change behaviour and grow capability for the future). It will ask for a wiliness to investigate, observe and maybe challenge their current approach to change and other challenging situations they find themselves in. They will work collaboratively with colleagues and resilience coaches who will become a tight, trusted community over 3 weeks…and maybe much longer. In this regard this program will call upon a deep level of personal responsibility for learners while supporting your organisational L&D responsibilities to the health and wellbeing of your workforce.

The course experience

This will be a collaborative, community learning experience where the focus is on becoming resilient, not just getting told what resilience is. You will be challenged to apply new things, not hard things, but potentially life changing things.

8 hours

The course will take approximately 8 hours to complete over 3 weeks.

multiple devices

You can participate at any time, from any computer or device (phone, tablet).

bite sized

There are 22 short, bite-size videos (approx. 80 minutes) and the remaining 7 hours or so will all be about doing and exploring.

team project

One team project

live discussion

Two live discussions

Expert coaching

Expert coaching and support

Capability journey

Measure your resilience capability from start to finish

Will you be the recipient of the Federer Resilience Award?

Reporting and ROI

At an organisational level you will receive reporting on your teams’ performance that will make you very excited! You will be able to see engagement levels across your team. You will see the teams capability uplift as a whole and individually. Theirs and your data is water tight and only accessible to those with permissions. Granular level data and analytics can be extracted from the Cahoot platform for your own systems.

Meet your Resilience Expert/Coach

Matt Hughes

Matt HughesMatt Hughes navigated a career in corporate finance, consulting and strategy for over a decade across three continents, then he retrained in psychology to learn the Resilience skills and techniques used by elite performers.

Matt now delivers proven Resilience training courses to companies across Australia and based internationally, to help individuals and teams perform at their best.

Course Curriculum

The course focus is to increase your…

Biological Resilience - Cognitive Resilience - Social Resilience

Getting Started Module – Why is resilience important and includes a Live Kick-off webinar
Module 1 – Resilience skills of elite performers and the impact of mindset on you
Module 2 – Your physical and emotional wellbeing and ways to increase your resilience
Module 3 – Self regulation and navigating unexpected change
Wrap up – Your resilience capabilities from start to now
Course project – Developing and implementing your Resilience Plan

4.0 skills learnt in addition to resilience...

Written communication
Digital literacy
Cross disciplinary team work

“This course has very systematically embedded some wonderful new skills, behaviours, processes and tools to make me a more effective manager and an even better person. I am truly grateful for the experience to participate.”

Paul Forsyth
Blackmores Group

Post-course Resilience Capability Uplift

Data from February 2020 course delivery - Blackmores Group
ripen Resilience Capability Comparison

Course Details

Length: 3 weeks
Effort: 2 to 3 hours per week
Partner: ripen

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