Where your talent is your business.

Cahoot helps turn your know-how into your business by developing learning programs that are ready to be marketed. It is that simple.

A collage of thought leaders and industry experts, such as academics, authors and podcaster

Many thought leaders struggle to find the time or resources to develop a learning program.

That is why Cahoot is here to help. Whether you are just starting your business or have already established your brand, we have what you need to create engaging, quality programs that learners love so you can focus on your delivery and your business effortlessly.

Are you ...

An Academic?

Share your insights without physical boundaries.

Tap on your full potential with a platform that lets you amplify your knowledge to a wide audience.

A Podcaster?

Get an alternative way to share your knowledge and reach your audience.

Build a program where your listeners can interact and directly share their thoughts with you - all at once.

An Author?

Bring your book to life and expand your reach.

Create a stage that enables your readers to connect and learn directly from you.

A knowledge expert in your field?

Build a strong following with your knowledge.

Spread your wings with a platform that lets you develop your programs easily so that you can achieve your business goals quickly.

Let Cahoot help you build your learning business and grow your influence.

Different businesses which are interconnected

Get support at every step of the way

Transform your knowledge to your business with end-to-end support from Cahoot. From the build of the program right down to the actual-day facilitation, we have got you all covered.

Do it hands-free

Create your program the way you like, without the hassle of building it. Leave the tedious stuff to us so you can focus on the work you do best – sharing of knowledge.

Keep quality at scale

Maintain the quality of your business, even as you scale, so that your learners get a consistent experience regardless of their cohort or location. 

Best of all, turbocharge your business with ready networks

Businesses fail for many reasons. One of the common reasons is the lack of ready networks that help form meaningful relationships with potential new clients.

That is why Cahoot provides the golden opportunity for thought leaders to showcase their learning business to a ready pool of enterprise clients, jumpstarting conversations and creating business opportunities.

Thousands of businesses have gone through the virtual Cahoot door.
Are you our next success story?

Cahoot thought leader Andrea Clarke

Andrea Clarke

Former Television News Reporter
CEO of Future Fit Digital
"The future of learning, employee engagement and their ability to innovate, relies exclusively on a delivery platform designed around creating community. Cahoot puts the learner first, which is why Future Fit programs have been so successful."
Check out our Adaptive Leaderhip program
Cahoot thought leader Terri Givens

Terri Givens

Professor of Political Science
Author of Radical Empathy
"Brighter Professional Development had worked with several providers before we started using Cahoot - it was the perfect platform for our Radical Empathy workshop and the team couldn't be more helpful and supportive. We have been very pleased working with this great team."
Check out our Towards Radical Empathy Program program
Cahoot thought leader Matt Hughes

Matt Hughes

Founder & Principal of Ripen
"Working with Cahoot Learning has enabled ripen to deliver our Resilience training to hundreds of individuals, teams and organisations across 25+ countries, and in multiple languages. We couldn't recommend the Cahoot Platform and Team more highly for their expertise in delivering world-leading education and training."
Check out our Resilience at Work program

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