Delight your learners with the Cahoot Learning experience.

Cahoot Learning creates learning moments that matter with the right balance of fun and seriousness that keeps learners engaged, focused and boost knowledge retention.

Built for learners. Loved by instructors.

The world is changing rapidly. Are your people prepared to take on the new challenges that come their way?

Help your learners be change-ready with the Cahoot Learning platform. Built to collaborate, feed curiosity, engage critical thinking skills and challenge oneself to foster a growth mindset, it allows them to learn, unlearn and relearn for the new world to come.

Cahoot Learning platform functions which include Live Chat, post-it notes, discussion boards and more

Deliver rich learning experiences

Engage your learners with an immersive learning experience that challenges them, drives a mindset shift, changes behaviour and forms close relationships with their peers.

  • Create profiles for learners and presenters to kickstart a meaningful relationship with the cohort
  • Let conversations flow with discussion boards to share challenges, clarify assumptions and create new ideas
  • Use Live Chat to interact face-to-face virtually and generate deeper conversations
  • Spark new possibilities with post-it notes that can be shared amongst learners to propel ideas forward. 
  • Spice things up with GIFs, emojis, images, videos and more. 

Track, measure and succeed

Keep a tab on learner progress to understand how engaged they are, their capability uplifts and the effectiveness of the program 

  • Let learners track their progress vs their cohort with a suggested pace to ensure no one gets left behind
  • Give learners, facilitators and instructors their report card to inform them how well they have performed, based on their roles. 
  • Measure capability uplifts before and after the program to identify opportunities and address gaps.
  • Provide learners space and time to pause and reflect on what they have learnt and how they can apply it in their day-to-day lives.
  • Let learners showcase achievements with certifications that can be published on professional networks such as LinkedIn.
Mobile, Tablet and Desktop that that showcases the organisation's brand

Customisable and fully responsive

Let your mobile-ready program match your brand to establish an emotional connection with your learner

  • Feature your logo
  • Match your brand colours
  • Create personalised content
  • Enable learning anywhere, anytime 
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Cahoot Learning makes learning accessible and enjoyable by learners with globally recognised standards and guidelines - Level AA of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1.

"The Cahoot Learning approach created a personal experience using videos, webinars, Live Chats and daily check ins. These were instrumental in ensuring continuing interest, engagement in the course and kept me on track. The variety of opportunities to communicate with others around the world and participate in group work meant that I felt connected (regardless of time differences) and part of the bigger picture. It was great hearing others feedback, experiences and learning from the combined knowledge, through the different discussion platforms."

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Discover the Cahoot Learning way of learning.