The Inclusive Leadership Collective (ILC): Build Inclusion and Success Will Come!

With Clare O’Connor


Length: 3 weeks

Effort: 3 to 4 hours per week

Partner: Cahoot Learning

Program overview

To operate with diverse teams, leaders need to be inclusive and create the right culture to achieve success.

Investment in traditional diversity training hasn’t created the meaningful change organisations hoped to see. Diversity training can certainly raise awareness, but when it comes to authentic behavioural and cultural change – we need to rewrite the script. As a global collective, we need to lay the right foundations for true inclusion for all – which will lead to engagement, performance, and success.

In this virtual program “The Inclusive Leadership Collective”, Global Inclusion Architect and Coach Clare O’Connor offers simple, practical, and accessible foundations for Inclusive Leadership to be built on. By focusing on Actions, Communication and Environments (ACE) – participants can move into the future with the confidence that they are in a community of extraordinary people looking to create meaningful change. Put simply, Inclusion elevates us all!

The future has arrived. As we enter a new world of hybrid-working and social integrity – a new type of leadership is emerging. This program will help participants create the future rather than predicting it. The Inclusive Leadership Collective aims to support members to create conditions for optimism, shared purpose and belonging and we invite you to be part of that community.

Who is it for?

People who wish to discover how to turn good intentions into impact and create authentically inclusive teams and environments for all to succeed.

Program Curriculum

  • A Collective Welcome
  • Beyond the bias – truth seeking and benchmarking
  • Walk the Walk: The Inclusive Behaviour Matrix
  • Ally-ship and Accountability
  • What gets measured, gets done – start!
  • Talk the Talk: Inclusive Terms
  • Set the Tone: take a stand against unacceptable behaviours
  • Building Authenticity and Trust
  • Curiosity skills: Empathy and respectful relationships
  • Level up – 3 skills to build Inclusive Teams
  • Beyond Psychological Safety – Psychological enhancement in a hybrid environment
  • Create the Future: An Action Plan and Commitment to Change

Meet the Coach

Clare O'Connor

Cahoot thought leader Clare O ConnorClare O’Connor is an Inclusion and Wellbeing Professional with a 20-year career background in higher education, coaching, training and People and Culture leadership. She has developed several successful Inclusion and Wellbeing training programs and strategies for global organisations and is excited by the future of work, and the endless possibilities emerging to create more meaningful change as a collective.

Clare’s major interests include inclusion, education, languages, and communications.  With qualifications in social sciences, politics, languages, teaching, business, coaching, diversity and inclusion, mental health and global leadership from the UK, Sweden, France and Australia, Clare is a passionate global citizen with an insatiable appetite for learning.

How is it done?

Active learning with cohorts

Learners will generate ideas, present and deliver together with their peers to help get different perspectives, internalise learnings and identify ways to apply them in the workforce.

Deep reflections

Learners will have the opportunity to reflect and analyse what they have learnt, how far they have come, and how they can apply these learnings in the workforce.

Real-time insights

Learners get real-time insights on how far they are performing vs their cohort that helps set their pace and enjoy a healthy dose of competition at the same time.

Immersive experience

Learners get rich, snackable content that helps boost their retention. They are given tools that enable strong collaboration and deep conversations with their peers. 

Lay the foundation of true inclusion today

Learn how the Inclusive Leadership Collective helps your organisation build inclusion and create success

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