Digital learning models create extraordinary possibilities like we have never seen before. The potential for your content and expertise to create impact, be it locally or globally, has never been as achievable as it is today.

So why isn’t truly impacting education rolling out the doors of our institutions en-mass?

At Cahoot we believe this is not a technology problem. Technology is simply an enabler, it’s a tool to do things in a more efficient, scalable way.

The question is... what problem have we chosen to solve using technology?

The world seems to have been fixated on scale and cost, resulting in a focus on connecting people with technology.

The problem we chose to solve at Cahoot

How do we best connect people with people (not people with technology) to engage in learning that shifts behaviour, expands thinking and builds relationship at scale?

Some data from those in cahoot with Cahoot


completion rate
(MIT ILI 2017-2018)


Higher Engagement Levels
Than traditional learning models
(IPWEA PCAMP 2014-2018)


Increase in competency levels of learners
(IPWEA PCAMP #8 2017)
What if your learning program could achieve these results? What if you could build better relationships as a result of taking your learning digital via the Cahoot Managed Platform?

The team at Cahoot can bring your existing courses or new content to life in our digital Cahoot world.

We work directly with your team, including your subject matter experts, to help design and build your course into the Cahoot platform.

We assist in the delivery and ensure great learning experiences that bring about changes in behaviour, mindsets and builds relationships amongst all stakeholders, including you.

Our Managed Platform has two offerings

Cahoot Professional Courses

Ranging from 4 weeks to a year in length, these courses are career and organisational game changers.

  • High end learning experiences that compare directly with Masters level of education
  • Highly personal delivery for individuals or corporate teams
  • Builds relationships between learners that create lifelong bonds
  • Fully managed services covering scoping, production, delivery and reporting
  • Incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing
  • Highly scalable
  • Multiple languages - Klingon anyone?

Cahoot Micro Courses

The Cahoot Micro Course concept has been developed with the team at MIT Professional Education to create a new and unique model for digital learning and marketing

  • Micro learning experiences that deliver high quality, relationship-based learning
  • Highly scalable
  • Fast, team based learning sprints over 7 days, highly collaborative and practical
  • Low production and delivery cost
Building relationships

Speak to anyone who has done a MBA and they will almost without fail say the most valuable parts were the relationships they formed.

Built from the ground up to facilitate relationship based learning, the Cahoot Managed Platform fills a vital missing piece in the digital learning landscape. This results in courses that change behaviour, mindset and build relationships.

From our lastest course with AusIMM

AusIMM JORC course infographic

Comparing Learning Models

Learning Models Comparison Table

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