You would think by now that delivering an engaging webinar where the ride is smooth sailing for all stakeholders would be easy...not the case. Delivering a great educational webinar requires a specific approach. With the webinar environment we see two main challenges:

  1. Ensure easy access with highly refined support for ALL stakeholders. This is still live, internet based delivery and things go wrong. It’s how we manage them when they do, that sets us apart from the competition. We respect people’s time and will always protect your brand.
  2. Build relationship within the webinar community so all are engaged. An educational webinar is not the place to dump information. We do not shut down lines of communication as most do. These live events must be designed for educational outcomes and delivered with real collaboration in mind.

Cahoot fully managed webinars include an end to end support service that ensures your live events are seamless and valuable learning experiences for all your stakeholders, even your subject matter experts.

The service includes:

  • Fully managed turn-key solution
  • We will help you to identify the most relevant and timely topic, in some cases we may be able to assist with identifying a subject matter expert if needed
  • We train the subject matter expert in delivering in the “Cahoot” way
  • We have trained over 2,282 subject matter experts, including High Court Judges, Tax Office Commissioners, CEOs and University Professors, you’re in good hands
  • We set up a landing page for marketing, registration and payment gateway (if required)
  • We set up all webinar communications
  • We host the event, welcome your learners and set up the collaborative learning experience
  • Maximum 1000 live participants, unlimited recording participants
  • Full reporting (commercials, participation, learner evaluations and unique client dashboard)
  • Local support - connect to a real person locally for help
  • We not only safeguard your brand and reputation, we build on it
  • Support for helping to build and execute your webinar strategy

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