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The joy and love of learning.
"It was a fantastic experience to learn more about FDI attraction in such an amazing and interactive platform. The exchange of information and experiences throughout the course and having the opportunity to have live interactions with facilitators and cohort colleagues certainly made it a much more engaging and deep experience."
Cahoot Learning learner Ana Carolina Bonamin
Ana Carolina Bonamin
Business Development Director, São Paulo
"I really enjoyed the course, the format was excellent. I feared the course would be constrictive around timeframes but the flexibility to complete the modules as I had time was excellent."
Cahoot Learning learner Daniel Kerr
Daniel Kerr
Precipitation Recovery Superintendent
"The team at Cahoot have an exceptionally well designed and executed online learning platform where the experience far exceeds the expectations of even a face to face learning experience. The team has actually created a learning community not just a platform. I learnt how to clearly articulate and maximise my impact. I now attend meetings with more confidence, address my team with more clarity and intent and am able to communicate my purpose to gain impact."
Cahoot Learning learner Lockie Hill
Lockie Hill
Complex Manager
"I have completed three courses from Cahoot and have thoroughly enjoyed all of them. Because the course material is meaningful, I still refer to all the concepts from the courses. The moderators and facilitators are all highly engaging, approachable, and friendly. Cahoot Learning is by far the best online course experience I have had – the platform allows you to connect with the other coursemates easily and feels as engaging as in-person training! I hope I get to participate in more courses in the future!"
Cahoot Learning learner Tiffany Phan
Tiffany Phan
Business Analyst
Global Victoria
"I love Cahoot Platform and the way it engages its learners. I have had the opportunity to undertake many training programs on this platform and have thoroughly enjoyed them. Recently, I was part of the Austrade NEXT women leadership program and was amazed how an online platform kept a cohort of women engaged from across the globe. It has been a great learning experience helping me develop leadership skills that have enabled me to take my career to the next level."
Neha Grover
Neha Grover
Director – Trade and Investment

"The platform is easy to use, presented well and engaging. I found the AustradeNEXT Women’s Leadership program through Cahoot Learning to be incredibly informative. The platform was effective for women to debate key leadership issues through post comments, discussion threads and live chat. Having a weekly activity made sure I was held accountable for the course.

The free-flowing debate with my peers and easy access to resources through the platform has inspired me to take positive action in my career and personal life. I recommend Cahoot courses for anyone looking for an engaging and informative platform!"

Cahoot Learning learner Sarah Lefevre
Sarah Lefevre
Policy Adviser
"Working with Cahoot is an absolutely dream. While we have worked with the team for many years, the current pandemic saw us needing to transition an exceptional number of training programs to online webinar deliveries in a very short amount of time. Without fail, the Cahoot team has been friendly, efficient, and always willing to support and assist us to ensure exceptional learning experiences for our Members and Clients. Their knowledge, experience and professionalism guarantees that every webinar delivery is a success."
Melbourne, VIC
“The course content was thoughtfully designed with real-life examples and situations. I enjoyed every moment as the topics constantly triggered new ideas in my mind. The moderators were giving individual attention and reasonable time and encouraged the participants to share their experiences and emotions. I will definitely be applying the key learnings in my work and personal life.”
Kashif Wasim
Kashif Wasim
Corporate Services Manager, Middle East & Africa
"What awesome teams we have, Austrade Next team, People team, Cahoot team, all who worked behind the scenes to get this course running so seamlessly. Cohort participants too provided so many inspirations and insights. You all rock!"
Cahoot Learning learner Seema Mulye
Seema Mulye
Data and Information Specialist
"Overall excellent training, probably the best internal course I've taken in my time with the company. Thanks to everyone for a job well done and I hope that this will continue."
Cahoot Learning learner Nathan Armstrong
Nathan Armstrong
Principal Advisor – Integration Automation COE
"I guess the big surprise for me is that how we are all willing to engage, discuss, and share the genuine experience. When I first knew that it was an online delivery, my initial concern was how intuitive the platform was. But here I am, thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience, replication opportunities, and expanded my network."
Cahoot Learning Learner Vignes Shanmuganathan
Vignes Shanmuganathan
HME Manager
"The Cahoot platform works incredibly well - intuitive and great for learning."
Cahoot Learning learner James Barrett Lenard
James Barrett-Lenard
Practice Leader Surface Mining
“Cahoot Learning allowed me to connect and learn in a supportive environment. The platform is easy to use and I especially love how it gives an overview of your progress and engagement throughout the course, motivating you to stay engaged. The platform made it simple to communicate with my colleagues in a natural and personable way helping me to create new relationships and networks.”
Cahoot Learning learner Ellen Axford
Ellen Axford
Social Media Strategist
"I have recently used the Cahoot learning platform, which has transferred into a good investment in the development of my working life. The easy-to-navigate platform provided me with practical knowledge and a great way to connect with peers. Modules were very entertaining and included many case studies that suit multiple topics. For me, it has been a very positive experience, and I look forward to using Cahoot down the track."
Cahoot Learning learner Owen Walpole
Owen Walpole
Senior Planner - Long term Utilities
"The Cahoot team stepped in and helped us a run a large number of webinars at very short notice when COVID hit. We were impressed by their professionalism with a dedicated host assigned to each webinar and setting up everything we needed to run a successful webinar series including technical rehearsals, hosted recordings, integrated registration and self-service reporting functionality. Cahoot took the stress & hassle out of running our online events and would recommend them for anyone looking for an end-to-end online webinar provider!"
Sydney, NSW
"The learning platform is excellent. Probably the best I have used in my football education with the switch to online learning through the pandemic.”
Paul Turner-Mitchell
Learner from Player Care program
"I have really enjoyed this course. The format and platform used was a great way of remaining interactive while learning in an online environment. The content has also been great, with the right presentation of technical concepts, terminology and theory presented personably and informative. The videos were structured in chunks of learning which served as great building blocks to increase overall knowledge without overwhelming the participant.”
Nigel Brown
IPWEA Course Delegate
"The team at Cahoot Learning have been fantastic, strategic collaborators to work and explore with. The Cahoot model of relationship-based digital learning is a powerful differentiator for us and our learner community. We are very excited to launch our most recent collaboration with Cahoot, a new MicroCourse model that will enable MIT content and our pedagogy of learning in action to be delivered in a way that brings together a global community of brilliant minds from around the technology world."
Clara Piloto
MIT Professional Education
"Keep up the great work - the Cahoot learning platform is brilliant for clearly showing what needs to be completed and being able to schedule time required accordingly. Thank you for running this course, I'm looking forward to applying what I've learned going forward."
Cahoot Learning learner Amy Doherty
Amy Doherty
Senior Modelling Geologist

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course, so much so, I found myself on the platform out of work hours as I was enjoying the material and loved learning about my cohort from around the globe.

The moderators were wonderfully encouraging and inspiring which made it easy to engage. It was refreshing getting a diverse range of contributors for the material and the topics really tied in well together. We were supported throughout our learning journey and I felt the moderators championed us when getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Regarding the delivery of the material and engagement on the cahoot platform, I particularly enjoyed the analytics dashboard which helped us track our progression throughout the course and compare this with our cohort and the suggested pace. The engagement algorithm for the Beryl Wilson award was a nice touch and really did feel like a dangling carrot – great motivator!

Towards the close of the course, I was sad that it had to end as I wanted to keep engaging and learning. As such, we decided to connect with our Alumni through Linkedin as we felt we found lifelong friends through this experience.

Before this course, I felt lost and couldn’t see how to move forward with my career. Since then, this course has given me the confidence and tools to pursue many leadership opportunities. One being part of the executive committee of a local women’s advocacy forum (Women in Big Data Canberra), which looks to influence and create opportunities for women to achieve gender parity in Data Science.

Thank you so much for developing this course, delivering it through this platform and giving women a voice to support other women’s voices."

Cahoot Learning learner Charmaine McGowan
Charmaine McGowan
Research Adviser
"I liked the format, having a cohort go through that are open to sharing means you get to relate and see how they interpret the content and will use the tools. The facilitation support was great and because the tools have names, they can easily be looked up and referred back to while practising."
Keith Roberston
Product Manager
"With virtual teams spread across the globe, Cahoot Learning is the best platform for personal development and team building. I enjoyed several courses delivered by Cahoot, where content is engaging and relevant, delivered by renowned experts in their field. The combination of digital content and live chats were very effective, and I was able to meet colleagues from offices in the USA, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia. Not only have I learnt a lot, but I also had fun and got energised. I would recommend Cahoot to every employer willing to invest in its staff development and to motivate employees. "
Cahoot Learning learner Ania Plawinska
Ania Plawinska
Business Development Manager

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