Tone from the Top - The impact of positive conversation on director decision making

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  • Expiry Date: 14 January 2020
  • Duration: 60 minutes

A director’s choice of words and how boards hold discussions has an enormous impact on the cultural tone that is set for an organisation.

Co-hosts Melinda Muth and Bob Selden will introduce you to the key concepts of how directors can directly shape and influence organisational behaviours through their choice of words.

They will cover:

  • An examination of the damaging impact negative words have on relationships and decision making in the boardroom, and how positive language provides a far more productive outcome
  • A model for impacting organisational culture through affirmative language
  • Three ways to influence positive board dynamics
  • Remedies for when intent and impact are out of sync
This webinar will provide you with the tools, words and language that will set you and your organisation apart as leaders and decision makers. They will share examples of collective intelligence in action as well as the consequences of a lack of collective intelligence and its impact on decision making.

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Dr Melinda Muth FAICD Dr Melinda Muth FAICD
Managing Director
Streamwise Learning

Bob Selden Bob Selden
Managing Director
The National Learning Institute

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