Developing Your Director Career Series Part 4 - Boardroom opportunity quantitative due diligence

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  • Expiry Date: 28 November 2019
  • Duration: 60 minutes

It is very common for people to accept a board position on the basis that the organisation is well established and has a high profile. However it is highly inadvisable to accept such an appointment without undertaking proper due diligence, particularly if you have not been on a board before.

This webinar will focus on the conduct of mainly quantitative due diligence for a board position including:

  • The informal due diligence that should start well before you are interviewed or even before you apply for a role
  • The quantitative due diligence that relates to the financial, risk and other key considerations before joining a board
  • Touching briefly on the qualitative due diligence (addressed in more detail in Part 5) that tells you what you really need to know before joining a board - the culture and dynamics within board and management
  • The tools available to help manage the legal risks in joining a board - especially director insurance and indemnities

At the end of this session you should understand what qualitative and quantitative due diligence areas need investigating as part of your own reassurance that this is the right board for you.

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