Using data for insights, innovation and business optimisation

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Directors are expected to be future facing, good at knowing when to partner, build or buy what their organisations need.

Data and AI is now on the front burner of the board room. The largest companies in the world by market cap have one common thread — they are all advanced users of customer data and AI.

Data use and AI will define the future prospects of almost all organisations and directors need to be informed and aware.

This webinar will use examples of world class data use from Silicon Valley and Australia and will cover:

  • Where to start when assessing how your organisation is structured and resourced for:
    • Acting on data for customer benefit. 
    • Assessing your capability to deploy data and AI for commercial gain. 
    • The talent and organisational design impacts that come from data driven culture and innovation.
  • Examining business models for transforming a business to take advantage of AI and big data and assessing the potential risks of using them for transformative strategy.  
  • The need for robust understanding of the regulatory frameworks and stakeholder expectations around data privacy and protection; and
  • A checklist for transition to a data driven future. 

Data use is increasingly linked to the outlook of an organisation. Awareness of the trends, insights into data use cases, and being more than conversant with the topic are essential for directors and the organisations they serve.

This webinar will give you oversight of where you can take your organisation and what you need to do as a director to get there.

DPD Units = 5

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Tim Trumper Tim Trumper
Chairman NRMA and Advisor to Quantium