Climate Change and your Board's Risk Strategy

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All economies around the world, including Australia, are exposed to climate change risks and opportunities to some extent. In 2017 we saw some significant steps in Australia in moving climate-related risks up the business agenda. Climate change was rated the top trend shaping global development in the WEF Global Risk Perception Survey 2018, and in other Global Risks Reports topping the charts.

With legal experts and regulators all indicating that climate risks are foreseeable now, it is time to ask the following questions:

  • Should climate change be a board agenda item? Is it material?
  • How is this covered in the existing risk reporting of management to the board?
  • Is there any long term value in addressing climate change risks in the organisation's strategy?

This webinar will cover:

  • Consideration as to whether it is mandatory for business to have regard to climate change risks.
  • What climate changes risks and opportunities need to be considered:
    • Physical risks, transition risk, liability risk.
  • What disclosures are appropriate within existing disclosure requirements?
    • Corporate governance statement, operating and financial review reports.
  • What additional new disclosures should be considered and is there guidance or a framework available?
  • What is currently happening in the market and what questions should the board be asking?
  • What are the key benefits of addressing climate change risk now?
Whether it be a top-down nudge from policy makers or bottom-up wave from business, investors and society, we need to get on board now with sustainable solutions that will benefit both business and society in the medium and long term.
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