Why directors should be measuring and managing culture

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Culture is the hidden force governing everything that happens in an organisation. As a director you need to know that your culture is aligned with strategy and values you want and not be taken by surprise! Learn the importance of organisational culture, its role in delivering sustainable performance and the questions directors need to be asking to assess and measure your culture.

We will cover questions boards should ask at each stage to:

  • Understand what is organisational culture and the difference between climate and culture.
  • Ensure alignment with intended mission and value statement against actual organisational culture.
  • Explore the impact the behaviours of directors have on shaping the culture of the organisation.
  • Discover what formal assessment tools and processes are available to analyse and manage organisational culture.
  • Understand the need for change and how to guide executive leaders in its execution.
  • Understand the ethical and legal responsibilities of directors in relation to organisational culture.
  • What to look out for - what are the culture matters that boards should be addressing directly.

There is so much misinformation about culture. Learn pragmatically what matters, what doesn't and how directors can help shape and guide organisational practices to impact the culture to ensure it fits with your 'ideal state'.

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