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  • Expiry Date: 2 October 2019
  • Duration: 210 minutes

Series description:
This webinar series will explore board committees in detail. Starting from the foundations of when and why to set up, to focusing on a few common committees, and lastly evaluating ways to achieve a high performing committee.
Part 1 - Building the right foundations will cover the basics of forming a board committee. A general overview of a committee plus when to, why, and what is required by law.
Part 2 –  In-depth look at different types of committees  - including risk and audit, remuneration and nominations, governance and fundraising. It will also discuss new types committees that adding value to organisations. It will focus on their role and running of them, including best practice guidelines unique to that type of committee.
Part 3 – Performance for excellence will analyse  board committees, discussing effective ways to deal with everyday logistics and challenges that can lead to an elevated committee performance. It will include evaluation, challenges and how to overcome them;  as well as tools for effectively running meetings and minutes; and lastly when to disband.
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5 per webinar - 15 for series


Sarah Cobb GAICD Sarah Cobb GAICD
Managing Director

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