Good Governance Principles in TAFE Modules

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  1. Governance for Directors
  • Explain the role and key functions of the TAFE board and its directors
  • Explain the purpose and essential features of corporate governance
  • Discuss the key duties, responsibilities and rights of TAFE directors
  • Illustrate the consequences of breaching directors? duties and responsibilities
  • Consider the relevant regulatory frameworks applicable to boards and directors
  • Identify relevant board meeting protocols and procedures (including the use of committees)
  • Outline the use of KPIs in monitoring board performance
  • Explain how to make an informed decision when considering joining a board

(75 minutes)

  1. Introduction to Financial Statements for Directors
  • Interpret the financial statements
  • Illustrate TAFE directors? statutory obligations in relation to reporting financial performance
  • Demonstrate the importance of good cash management
  • Outline directors? duties with regard to financial statements and systems

(40 minutes)

  1. Introduction to Strategy and Risk for Directors
  • Understand the role of the TAFE director in setting strategy
    Apply commonly used strategic planning and monitoring tools and frameworks
  • Identify key causes of strategic risk and how those risks can best be treated
  • Describe the risk appetite of an organisation
  • Illustrate the link between risk management, risk culture and effective leadership

(45 Minutes)


Presented by: Rosina Hislop

Rosina Hislop started her career as a chartered accountant in the UK. Prior to establishing a boutique management consultancy, Rosina was a partner at Ernst & Young where she was a leader in the strategy and risk practice for South Australia. Rosina has worked with leading global companies on their corporate strategy, business-model innovation and finance systems, including the lead commercial advisor for the sale of a $12 billion business. 

As well as global corporates, Rosina works with government and smaller private and not-for-profit organisations and current board directorships include:

  • SA Health
  • Principals Australia Institute
  • Seymour College
  • Volunteering Strategy for South Australia (chair)
  • Local Government Association of South Australia (independent chair of the audit committee