Commonwealth Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Workforce Strategy 2020 - 24

Session Overview:

The Commonwealth Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Workforce Strategy 2020-24 was developed to create a more diverse and inclusive Commonwealth Public Sector with greater Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce representation across all classification levels and in all business areas.

It sets out ambitious, whole-of-Commonwealth, portfolio-level stretch-targets and will contribute to Closing the Gap targets across the strategy’s five-year lifespan in line with three focus areas:

  • Cultural Integrity
  • Career Pathways and
  • Career Development and Advancement

The current strategy builds on the success of the previous strategy, with renewed focus on developing and retaining a strong leadership cohort.

Developing and retaining a strong leadership cohort by building a talent pipeline, through direct recruitment and professional development, can ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representation will be strengthened and retained at all levels throughout the Commonwealth public sector and provide clear opportunities for career advancement.

Strong portfolio collaboration, a stronger focus on delivery and improved regional partnerships, will be the keys to successful implementation.

The strategy, led by the Australian Public Service Commission in partnership with the National Indigenous Australians Agency, will guide the Commonwealth Public Sector as we invest in the future and walk together to create a diverse workforce that will truly deliver the very best outcomes for all Australians.

Who Should attend:

All APS HR Network staff

Rachael Jackson
Rachael Jackson
Chief Operating Officer
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Wendy Ah Chin
Branch Manager
Caroline Walsh
Caroline Walsh
Group Manager
Inclusion Group
Karyn Ervin
Karyn Ervin

28 August 2020

60 mins

27 August 2022

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