Thinking in Systems: Tools for HR Practitioners

Session Overview:

The world and its problems are becoming more volatile, uncertain, and ambiguous. In this fast-paced and dynamic climate, we need to be able to understand complex systems and find solutions that drive positive change. So, how can we make systems thinking real for HR practitioners in the public sector?  

Register for our webinar to hear from Misha Kaur, Assistant Commissioner – ATO Design: a leading thinker and doer in systems thinking in the public sector.   Misha will take us through the foundations of systems thinking and how they can be applied to an example of leadership and building high performing teams. 

She will also share her five top tips for leading in a systems world, and what we need to consider moving forward.   There will also be some time for Q&A, with discussions to be continued on the APS HR Network GovTEAMS page  


Who Should attend:

All APS HR Network staff


Misha Kaur
Misha Kaur
Assistant Commissioner - ATO Design

30 September 2020

60 mins

29 September 2022

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