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Ethical leadership 2021

It is our primary ethical duty to connect with others, says Professor Marc Stears, global leading voice on ethical leadership. Professor Marc Stear’s extensive career spanning politics, academia and business has led to the discovery of a simple truth. That the societies, organisations, communities that thrive are the ones founded on deep connection and a willingness to listen to and seek out different views and perspectives. Yet what of 2021? Societies are becoming more polarised and the opportunities to be exposed to those different from ourselves are diminishing. Remote working has resulted in enormous benefits, but there has been a loss of accidental interactions with those different from ourselves. No more interactions with strangers on the commute, in the elevator, or at the coffee shop. So how can we stay connected? In this final session for “In Cahoots” 2021, we will reflect on connection in 2021, what it means to be an ethical leader and how we can all strive to connect deeply and meaningfully with the lives of others.

Marc Stears
Marc Stears
Sydney Policy Lab
Barbara Harvey
Barbara Harvey
In Cahoots Moderator
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27 November 2021

45 mins

30 December 2022