"In Cahoots" Series (3 conversations)

In Cahoots


Are you a knowledge seeker who wants to

  • get more learnings beyond the usual day-to-day topics?
  • have meaningful discussions about current and future trends?
  • connect with thought leaders and your community around the globe?

If you tick any of the boxes above, then this one is for you!

Cahoot Learning is super excited to announce the launch of "In Cahoots - Conversations with bright minds and big hearts", an in-conversation series that features intriguing storytellers that chat about the big things - life, work, learning.

What's extraordinary about this series is the part-learning, part-entertainment interactivity delivered through a creative format. Think "Graham Norton" meets "The View", where storytelling is used to engage in a powerful way. Some of the segments include "Knowing you, knowing me", "Learning heroes" and "The Big Belly Flop!", with giveaways and prizes!

And the best part? These sessions are all complimentary for you.

Sign up for this series. The first webinar is past, so if you wish to attend the next sessions LIVE, just respond to your registration email asking to be moved to LIVE and we will action that for you. The series includes all 3 sessions from the following webinars:

Barbara Harvey
Barbara Harvey
In Cahoots Moderator
Cahoot Learning
Dr Tyson Yunkaporta
Dr Tyson Yunkaporta
Senior Research Fellow at Deakin Research
Deakin Research
Marc Stears
Marc Stears
Sydney Policy Lab
Sarah Brooker
Sarah Brooker
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Series Duration:
2 hrs 15 mins

30 December 2022