Updates from the icare Medical Office (Telehealth and Allied Health Changes)


  • Expiry Date: 28 May 2021
  • Duration: 60 minutes

The medical landscape has changed drastically in the response to COVID19. Simply, workers who are injured still need to continue treatment, be certified and aim to return to work. The Medical Office and Health Engagement team will give an update to what they have been working on in response to changes being legislated by SIRA,  telehealth and current trends they are seeing. 
Overview of Webinar
This webinar addresses new updates in the Workers Compensation world in regard to telehealth and new legislation changes for Allied Health providers. 
Learning Outcomes
  • Understanding of the role of the Health Engagement Team
  • Information on telehealth and how it can be utilised in Workers compensation and Allied Health 
  • Update on Nominated Treating Doctor engagement plans during COVID19 
Recommended Audience
NSW employers and health care professionals


Clayton Waters Clayton Waters
Health Engagement Implementation Manager - The Medical Office

David Huxley (Webinar moderator) David Huxley (Webinar moderator)
Relationship Manager