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Starts With Us

This free webinar is a collaboration between Women’s Legal Service Victoria and the Law Institute of Victoria. It will report on research by Women’s Legal Service Victoria with almost 300 legal and justice professionals on experiences and observations of gender inequality in our workplaces.
As well as sharing the research results and the goals of the Starts With Us project, we will hear from sector leaders as they reflect on the findings and explore actions we need to take – individually and collectively – to remedy sexism and discrimination across our sector.
The webinar is part of Starts With Us, a project by and for the legal and justice workforce in Victoria. Starts With Us is supported by the Victorian Government, and will contribute to the primary prevention of violence against women by responding to the gendered drivers of violence as they manifest across our sector.
The current phase of Starts With Us establishes foundations for sector-wide action that will, over time, achieve measurable changes in sexist and discriminatory behaviours, as well as attitudes that justify, excuse and minimise gender inequality.
What you will learn: 
  1. Research findings with legal and justice professionals on experiences of gender inequality in our workplaces
  2. How can we take collaborative action to remedy sexism and discrimination in our sector
  3. The aims of the Starts With Us project, and how you can be involved  
Who Should Attend: 

Anyone working in legal and justice workplaces in Victoria is encouraged to attend. The webinar is relevant for lawyers, judiciary, students/interns, legal assistants, administrative and court workers, policy and legal and education officers, amongst others.

You will hear from:
  • Justice Chris Maxwell, President of the Court of Appeal, Supreme Court of Victoria
  • Fiona McLeay, Legal Services Commissioner
  • Naty Guerrero Diaz, Lawyer, Slater and Gordon
  • Cara Gleeson, Our Watch
CPD Points: 1
Lynda Memery
Lynda Memery
Senior Education and Engagement Practitioner
Women's Legal Service Victoria
Nina Ulasowski
Nina Ulasowski
Lawyer, Education and Engagement Coordinator
Women’s Legal Service Victoria
Dr Monica Campo
Dr Monica Campo
Education and Engagement Co-ordinator
Womens Legal Service Victoria
Michelle Luarte
Michelle Luarte
Policy Lawyer
Law Institute of Victoria

11 December 2019

60 mins

10 December 2021

All delegates must be registered to be able to participate in training and to be eligible to receive qualifying hours