Selective Mutism assessment and intervention from a multi-disciplinary perspective

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Session Overview:

Selective Mutism is a rare disorder in which children who can talk comfortably in some social situations are persistently silent in others. Children with Selective Mutism often speak freely at home with immediate family members, but have significant difficulties speaking at kindergarten, school or in other public places.

Researchers have identified a link between Selective Mutism and anxiety disorders generally, but also more specifically with social phobia. This led to the disorder recently being re-classified as an anxiety condition in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V). Research has also shown that Selective Mutism co-occurs frequently with communication difficulties, including fluency, expressive language or speech disorders.

Selective Mutism is usually first detected when children commence formal schooling, in a social setting where speaking is fundamental to their continued learning and socialisation. Early diagnosis and treatment is therefore needed to improve a child's functional communication and long term success in school.

This CPD event aims to provide an overview of the nature of this complex, multi-dimensional disorder, and its assessment and treatment in a multi-disciplinary context. It will provide attendees with:

  • An understanding of common behaviours and associated difficulties seen in children with Selective Mutism.
  • A framework for assessment of Selective Mutism with children, adolescents and their families.
  • A basic knowledge of evidence-based models of treatment for Selective Mutism and how these have been applied in a paediatric mental health setting (using de-identified case scenarios).
  • Opportunities to ‘troubleshoot’ and discuss the challenges of working with this population.
  • An awareness of resources for use with children, families and schools.

What I will learn:

By the end of this online event you will have an understanding of:

  • Current conceptualisations of and diagnostic criteria for Selective Mutism (SM).
  • Typical presenting behaviours and co-morbidities in children with Selective Mutism.
  • A basic knowledge of assessment protocol for children and families, where a diagnosis of SM has been queried.
  • A basic knowledge of treatment approaches for Selective Mutism, with particular focus on multi-disciplinary practice (speech pathology and psychology/mental health).

Who should attend?

  • Paediatric speech pathologists working in education or community health settings (with school-aged and adolescent clients).
  • Speech pathology students with an interest in paediatrics and mental health.
  • Clinical psychologists working with children, particularly in education settings.

What do I need to read beforehand?

There are no recommended pre-readings. All materials will be provided.

CPD Points awarded: 1.5 PSR points