QLD CODE: Getting ahead in audiology, auditory processing and aural rehabilitation

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Session Overview:

This workshop aims to provide participants with knowledge and understanding of the assessment and management of hearing loss and CAPD. Participants will have the opportunity to differentiate conductive from sensorineural hearing loss, interpret audiograms, basic hearing and CAP tests and understand the referral process and team involved in the assessment and management of people with hearing loss or CAPD. The workshop will cover hearing and CAP assessment instruments and tools and provide the opportunity for participants to interpret audiological reports and infer speech, language and communication consequences of hearing loss. Participants will be able to differentiate selected management techniques (including the management of extraneous noise).

Simulations, case studies and video clips will be and recommended materials and resources will be discussed.

What I will learn:

By the end of this workshop, the aim is that you should be able to:

  • Understand and be able to interpret audiological assessment procedures and audiological reports
  • Distinguish the tests that are used to assess hearing (including the Central Auditory Processing assessment)
  • Differentiate the various intervention options and models of intervention
  • Recognise the Speech Pathologists' role in the assessment and management of people with hearing loss or CAPD
  • Apply this knowledge to case studies


Who should attend?

  • Registrants must be speech pathologists.
  • This workshop is relevant for speech pathologists with an interest in developing their skills in audiology and aural rehabilitation, including Central Auditory Processing Disorder. The workshop will include reference to all age groups and is a general level workshop. No prior knowledge or expertise (other than what was covered at University) is required to attend this workshop.

What do I need to read beforehand?

Participants are not required to bring anything to the event. All materials will be provided.

CPD Points awarded: 1.5 PSR points


Chyrisse Heine (Dr) Chyrisse Heine (Dr)
PhD(Public Health), B.A(Speech & Hearing Therapy), M.A.(Audiology), M.Aud.S.A.(CCP), MAAAPP, FSPA, CPSP
Chyrisse Heine & Associates