QLD CODE: 2017 National Tour online event: Speech Pathology in the literacy domain: Prevention to intervention

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  • Expiry Date: 14 December 2019
  • Duration: 90 minutes
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Session Overview:

Speech Pathologists are well-equipped to support students (primary and secondary) who struggle with reading, spelling and extended writing. However, in Australia, as well as other English-speaking countries, the role of speech pathologists in this area of practice is variable and often poorly understood.

In this online CPD event, Tanya will deconstruct the skills needed to learn to become literate and she will examine the ways that learning literacy can be interrupted. This will be followed up by considering how and why speech pathologists can make significant contributions to supporting students (primary and secondary) with low literacy. Along with the traditional roles of assessment and intervention in this area of practice, Tanya will describe the importance of expanding practices such as adopting a public health focus to reduce the number of children who are at-risk of difficulty learning to read and advocacy for the skills that speech pathologists can bring to 'the literacy table'.

Tanya will also discuss the evidence for and the benefits of framing clinical practices according to the dynamic Response-to-Intervention framework.

What will I learn? Participants attending the workshop will be able to:

  • Explain the foundational relationship of oral language competency with learning to read.
  • Define literacy, and its components; reading, spelling and writing
  • Identify risk and protective factors for children at-risk for reading and related literacy difficulty
  • Explain the Simple View of Reading
  • Apply the Simple View of Reading to differentiate sub-types of reading and related literacy difficulties
  • Apply the Response-to-Intervention model to frame clinical practice
  • Identify the 'Big Six' elements required for evidence-based reading instruction and/or intervention
  • Recognise the various roles that speech pathologists can play when working in the literacy domain
  • Recognise the importance of advocacy for speech pathologists to be included in literacy support

Who should attend?

  • Registrants must be speech pathologists or speech pathology students who have completed coursework on language development, assessment and intervention
  • This workshop is relevant for speech pathologists who are currently working in the literacy domain as well as those wishing to know more about working in this area.
  • As speech pathologists, registrants already come with substantial knowledge relevant for this online event. No further training or experience is necessary to derive benefit.

What do I need to read beforehand?

Prior to the event, participants are asked to familiarise themselves with the Clinical Guidelines for Speech Pathologists working in the Literacy Domain. This can be found in the Members section of the Speech Pathology Australia website.

CPD Points awarded: 1.5 PSR points


Tanya Serry (Dr) Tanya Serry (Dr)
PhD, M.A.(Applied Linguistics), BAppSci(Speech Pathology), MSPA, CPSP
La Trobe University: Discipline of Speech Pathology