Developing Sentence Complexity in Written Expression: Strategies for Students from 8 to 18

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  • Duration: 90 minutes
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Session Overview:

This webinar will focus on enhancing the development of written language in primary and high school aged students across expository and narrative texts.

Within Narrative writing, the focus will be on increasing subordination within sentences through the inclusion of:

  • adverbials of time, place, manner, reason & frequency
  • descriptions using emotions, adjectives and post modifying phrases
  • connecting words for subordination and coordination
  • verbs – dynamic and cognitive

Within Expository writing, the focus will be on a variety of language devices used to deliver imagery, power, emphasis, emotion and persuasion with the inclusion of:

  • repetition
  • word choice
  • rhetorical questions
  • call to action
  • point of view
  • figurative language
  • personification
  • alliteration

Once participants understand the nature and functional use of grammatical devices and other language techniques designed for enhancing the written complexity of texts, the task of teaching punctuation is made much easier. There will be time in the webinar specifically devoted to address how punctuation can be taught within a grammatical context.

The webinar will also cover a range of therapeutic interventions such as coding and priming that can be used to enhance students’ written complexity. A case study of a year 4 student will be used to illustrate how these strategies were employed successfully in to a treatment regime.

It is not necessary to have any prior experience in teaching written expression, but a basic knowledge of grammatical terminology would be beneficial.

What I will learn:

  • Participants will learn about the macrostructure of different text types, so they can teach students the formulas for writing narratives, reports and persuasive texts.
  • Participants will also be introduced to the grammatical micro-elements of each written genre.

Who should attend?

  • Registrants must be speech pathologists or final year speech pathology students.
  • It is particularly relevant for speech pathologists working in the field of literacy.

What do I need to read beforehand?

There are no recommended pre-readings.

CPD Points awarded: 1.5 PSR points


Jenny Baker Jenny Baker
Fremantle Speech Pathology Services: Speech Pathologist, Clinical Educator