Small business CGT concessions - Part 1 + Part 2

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The small business CGT concessions are arguably some of the most generous provisions in the ITAA. The concessions are targeted to small business and consist of:

  • the small business 15-year exemption;
  • the small business 50 per cent reduction;
  • the small business retirement exemption; and
  • the small business roll-over.

Depending on which concession (or concessions) applies, a taxpayer can defer, reduce or even disregard a capital gain.

In this two-part webinar series, we will go through the core rules and then dive deeper into each of the concessions.

Part 1 | Small business CGT concessions – Basic Rules

Part 1 works through the core rules, including the:

  • basic eligibility requirements, namely:
    • small business entity test;
    • maximum net asset value test; and
    • active asset test, and
    • additional conditions that must be satisfied where the relevant CGT asset is a share in a company or an interest in a trust;
  • additional conditions that must be satisfied where a CGT asset is held by an interposed entity;
  • special rules applicable to CGT assets that are owned by partners, or by a partnership; and
  • separate eligibility criteria that may need to be satisfied in order to access the various concessions.

Part 2 | Small business CGT concessions – Advanced

In Part two we take the small business concessions to the next level and explore tips, traps and various planning considerations.

Both sessions will have an interactive Q&A section to give participants an opportunity to ask questions to cement their understanding of the provisions.


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