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FBT 2018: Cars and Entertainment FBT issues for Government and NFPs


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  • Expiry Date: 7 March 2030
  • Duration: 60 minutes
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A practical session providing a refresher for all FBT issues relating to cars & entertainment.

During the session we will explore the best of the cars and entertainment FBT issues raised in the TaxEd Q&A service. This will be a treasure trove of real life Government and NFP FBT car and entertainment scenarios.

Issues to be explored include:

  • Identifying when a benefit exists
  • Work related travel - implications for business use of the revised ATO guidelines
  • Private use issues
  • Operating cost valuation issues
  • Statutory formula valuation issue
  • Novated lease and residual value issues
  • Work horse vehicle issues - always FBT exempt?
  • Log book issues including new Log Book safe harbour rules for Fleet cars
  • Issues with Pooled cars

  • Identifying entertainment in common Government and NFP scenarios
  • Entertainment - implications of the revised ATO guidelines regarding what is work related travel
  • Revisiting the Meal entertainment and entertainment facility leasing changes?
  • Treatment and issues with tax exempt body entertainment - is it really entertainment?
  • Identification and treatment of non-entertainment
  • When can the minor benefit exemption be used for entertainment expenditure?
  • Other exemptions for entertainment
  • Travel and conference issues

Who should attend?

  • Staff responsible for FBT return preparation
  • Staff with a working knowledge of FBT rules re cars & entertainment

What you can expect from the session?

  • Coverage of key car and entertainment issues faced by Government and NFP employers

CPD Hours:

  • 1 hour


Rob Power Rob Power
TaxEd Director & Technical Panel

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