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Learn from the world's finest
What if you could...
Workshop with Stanford professors on how the likes of Google, Tesla and other Silicon Valley giants innovate?
Apply the latest in design thinking from Stanford's d.school in your next project?
List the Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship Professional Certificate on your CV?
What then?
Be part of an extraordinary learning community and develop the creative confidence to lead innovation in your organisation.
What is Cahoot?
Cahoot is a collaborative, community-based, online learning environment like no other.
Cahoot partners with extraordinary institutions, such as the Stanford Center for Professional Development, to offer courses where participants learn advanced applied solutions to real-life challenges.
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela
Headshot of Nelson Mandella
How would receiving the Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate change your world?
New recognition for a disrupted world
Traditional education models are being challenged by the speed and level of change across all industries and professions. Your need to upskill, stay relevant and develop your career has never been so critical.

The Professional Certificate is a new way of providing and recognising professional education that is being pioneered by the likes of the Stanford Center for Professional Development.
You can learn in bite size chunks with short stand alone courses that are:
  • highly relevant to your work NOW
  • exciting and challenging to complete
  • can be stacked together in any order to create your certification

The Cahoot experience is exceptional, the results brilliant