Cahoot - The MOOC That Roars
The Cahoot learning environment combines best-of-class cloud based technology with a focus on design, collaboration and usability. Our course architecture leverages high-definition lecture videos, real-time video conference opportunities with expert faculty and students, and a comprehensive knowledge management system to connect and empower students and experts alike.
Suggested Courses
Tools of Innovation: a hands on dive into Design Thinking
Move beyond theory and dive into the experience and practice of innovation through rapid prototyping. Students will learn the principles of rapid prototyping and tools for gaining empathy with customers.
Resilience Cahoot
Secure your capacity for Bounce, Courage, Connection and Creativity. Nothing is more important. The Resilience Institute offers an interactive, evidence-based and practical on-line solution for you to understand and master the skills of Resilience with proven techniques and interactive learning with colleagues.
Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning
An intensive but practical and rewarding 10 week course, resulting in a usable draft Asset Management Plan and Improvement Plan.